Financial gain is still one of the major motivations behind most cybercriminal activities

Financial Trojans that target online banking services have plagued financial institutions for over a decade. The underground financial fraud community is well organised; from malware kits to distribution services to scam configurations are sold or rented out for cash. Unfortunately, with convincing social engineering tricks and smartphone malware many of these strong security measures can be circumvented by determined and sophisticated attackers. Some banks are even discussing the possibility of removing 2FA for smaller transactions to save costs.

73% drop in financial Trojan infections but the threat is far from neutralised

Although detections dropped, financial Trojans are becoming far more capable and criminals are increasingly targeting institutions directly.

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Financial Threats 2015

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Join Us: Dridex: The Financial Threat Clogging Our Mailboxes

Dridex is one of the most persistent and prevalent threats facing organisations today. Configured to collect victim's banking credentials, it is now one of the most active and dangerous pieces of financial malware in circulation.

Join this webcast as we discuss:

  • Dridex propagation methods, in particular its massive spam campaigns
  • How Dridex attempts to steal banking information
  • Guidance on how to protect against Dridex infections

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